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The Beijing International Horticultural Exposition will build an underground comprehensive pipe gallery

when the underground pipeline is suddenly abnormal, the operation control center 2 kilometers away will be able to collect relevant data and give an alarm in a few seconds, and lock the location of the abnormal pipeline at the same time. In case of complex situations, maintenance personnel directly enter the underground pipe gallery from the entrance to work, completely saying goodbye to the previous road excavation, open circuit construction, and "rifling" repair methods

this scene will soon appear in the park of the 2019 World Horticultural Exposition in Beijing, China. Recently, the municipal infrastructure construction project of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exposition, located in Yanqing, Beijing, officially started. The underground integrated pipe gallery project with three cabin structure and a total length of 3.34 kilometers in the park has become a highlight. In the future, pipelines for heat, gas, water supply, reclaimed water, electricity and telecommunications will enter the corridor, which will be set along six main roads such as the South Road of the park, forming one main corridor and five branch corridors, which will be connected with the surrounding underground pipelines

"in the past, more than a dozen pipelines were directly buried under the same subgrade, and inspection openings were set every few meters for personnel to enter and leave the work. The limited road width inevitably led to more well covers." Xu Hong, director of the overall planning department of the Beijing World Park Bureau, said that all this would change in the park. "Tension testing machine enterprises on the South Road of the park of the Beijing World Park Expo should also become partners of cooperation. There are few well covers, and the road style and passing comfort will be very different."

after the completion of the underground comprehensive pipe gallery, not only will the originally separate pipelines be centralized into a unified pipe gallery for overall management, which effectively ensures the daily safety management and emergency maintenance of municipal pipelines, but also improves the comprehensive carrying capacity of the park while beautifying the landscape of the park, ensuring the safety of the park facilities and energy supply

in order to ensure the safe, efficient, economical and reliable operation of the underground integrated pipe gallery project, the Beijing International Horticultural Exposition has introduced intelligent management into the integrated pipe gallery project. With the help of building information management, geographic information system, cloud computing, big data analysis and other technologies, an intelligent operation and maintenance management system platform integrating condition monitoring, fault alarm, rapid response and auxiliary strategy generation is built to achieve three-dimensional data display, asset management informatization, emergency response intelligence and operation and maintenance management intelligence in recent years. At the same time, through energy-saving control and intelligent inspection, we can reduce the manual participation in the operation and maintenance management process from the process, and reduce the operation and maintenance cost

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