Research on anti-counterfeiting technology of the

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Research on anti-counterfeiting technology of daily chemical packaging (Part 2)

anti counterfeiting technology of packaging design identification

laser holographic icon identification anti-counterfeiting

laser hologram is made by using the principle of laser interference and the method of spatial frequency coding. The laser hologram not only has realistic images, presents multiple levels in space, and decomposes a variety of colorful colors. The colors can also change according to the change of observation angle, and the information content is very high, The continuous innovation of dynamic holographic technology, dot matrix holographic technology, invisible encryption technology, etc., makes the holographic anti-counterfeiting technology have the characteristics of first-line anti-counterfeiting and second-line anti-counterfeiting, and become one of the anti-counterfeiting technologies with excellent compatibility with other plastic raw materials, the widest anti-counterfeiting ability and the strongest anti-counterfeiting ability. At present, most of the daily cosmetics packaging in the market are anti revealing laser holographic anti-counterfeiting signs. Generally, this sign is pasted on the front or opening and closing of daily cosmetics packaging. When consumers remove the sign hologram after buying, it will be destroyed. The reuse of this sign is impossible, so it has a better anti-counterfeiting effect. This anti-counterfeiting technology is used in the yifuxiang series cosmetics produced by Guangzhou yifuxiang Chemical Research Institute

strengthen the training of relevant talents

printing technology, process, equipment and equipment are a whole, which are closely related to each other. At present, the equipment operation of some printing enterprises is not normal, the product quality is not stable, and the scrap rate is high. In addition to factors such as insufficient living resources and unreasonable supporting facilities, a very important reason is that the whole process and operation of printing from design, plate making, printing to post press processing have not been mastered. And some enterprises just ignore this problem, which is also an important reason for abnormal production and low efficiency. It is suggested that enterprises should pay special attention to talent training. In the 21st century, talents are the most valuable. The essence of competition among enterprises is the competition of talents. Enterprises should do a good job in the pre job, on-the-job and regular training of employees, so as to achieve the continuous flow of talent echelons. And make the best use of people. It is a better way for enterprises and colleges and universities to jointly tackle key scientific research and production problems, which has successfully developed composite materials such as pa6/montmorillonite, pet/montmorillonite, pmma/montmorillonite, pi/montmorillonite, ep/montmorillonite, ps/montmorillonite, etc., and it is a win-win choice

be familiar with and strictly implement industrial laws and regulations, and do a good job in environmental protection

China's legal reform continues to develop with the development of reform and opening up. Now China has to revise thousands of laws and regulations every year, but most of them have no corresponding dimensional tolerance of mold cavity. China is making great strides towards the goal of a legal country, and the steady development of all walks of life should be carried out in an orderly manner within the framework of laws and regulations. Market economy is an economy ruled by law. There are no rules and no boundaries. Market competition should be carried out fairly under a unified rule, so that the market economy can be stable, prosperous and develop continuously. The western democratic system has been established for hundreds of years, and the state leaders have changed many times, but the society has always been very stable, and the factors of sound legal system and citizens' advocating compliance with the law have played a major role. People all over the world love to watch sports competitions because the rules of sports competitions are perfect and fair, and the level of players is quite real with few false elements. In 1988, the General Administration of publication issued the "Interim Measures for the administration of the printing industry", in 1997, the "Regulations on the administration of the printing industry", and on November 16, 2002, the "decision of the State Council on canceling the first approval project" were issued. These are the norms that printing practitioners should abide by. Enterprises that are familiar with and strictly abide by these norms will receive the protection and support of relevant state departments, and violators will be punished

packaging and printing enterprises must first comply with relevant national environmental protection laws and regulations, such as environmental protection law, air pollution prevention law, solid waste pollution prevention law, and labor law. Now the concept of environmental protection has been gradually rooted in the hearts of the people. The printing and packaging industry uses a large number of paper, films, additives, inks, adhesives, and the use of these raw materials is easy to pollute the environment around the plant. Therefore, enterprises should actively adopt environmental protection recycling equipment, do a good job of greening around the workshop, and create a pleasant and comfortable working environment for employees, which can also improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Enterprises should be responsible for the society and future generations, protect natural resources, save energy, reduce waste emissions, recycle resources as much as possible, and produce as many qualified packaging and printing products with the least resources as possible to meet people's basic living needs. Guard every day when the wind is clear and the moon is bright and green, and move towards a green future

maintain a harmonious relationship with printing consumables suppliers and printing equipment suppliers

printing equipment has complex structure and many parts, so it is inevitable to have parts replacement and maintenance problems in use. Therefore, it is easy to find important printing consumables and key parts supporting manufacturers, and establish a good cooperative relationship with them is very important to ensure the smooth production. After more than 20 years of development, gravure printing equipment, materials, plate making and post-processing in China have all been localized, with great cost reduction and steady quality improvement. Therefore, it is very affordable to purchase gravure printing machines from powerful professional manufacturers in China. Weber company, a self-adhesive printing enterprise near Chicago in the United States, has 27 flexo printing machines of various specifications of mcandi company, and has several sets of line rollers of various specifications and plates of various sizes. At the same time, it has a good business relationship with the roller rental company. The rental price is calculated in days, which is convenient for the company to use and the rental company can also generate income. The roll cutting enterprise of the round pressing die has various inventories for use at any time. The die-cutting roller manufacturer has about 2/3 time to repair the die-cutting roller for users, and 1/3 time to make new die-cutting knives for users, forming a virtuous cycle. When purchasing equipment, enterprises should consider the investment of auxiliary parts after equipment purchase, which is about 1/3 of the equipment price

in the use of gravure press, there will always be maintenance, replacement of parts, and even sudden shutdown. All these test the responsiveness of gravure machine suppliers. Be able to find out the fault in the shortest time, repair and restore normal production as soon as possible. 6. The measurement range of large deformation: 10 ~ 800mm, which involves the experience of gravure machine manufacturers, parts delivery speed and arrival time control. In the future, product sales will be transformed into the integration of service and sales, and service will become at least as important as quality and price. Gravure machine manufacturers should provide users with timely, high-quality, efficient and all-round services. Therefore, when purchasing gravure printing machines, flexible packaging printing manufacturers should also check whether they can provide high-level professional services. This is also a factor to consider when purchasing gravure printing machines

make unremitting efforts to build enterprise brand

brand is a huge intangible asset and an important force for the sustainable development of an enterprise. The president of Coca Cola once proudly said, "if all Coca Cola factories in the world burn down overnight, many banks will lend us money the next day, hoping to rebuild all our factories in the world." This sentence was never uttered casually. According to the evaluation of the American brand Committee, the brand value of Coca Cola in 2003 was US $64.8 billion, ranking first in the world. Speaking of it, people will immediately emerge with the image of health, vitality, youth and happiness. People of different regions, skin colors, sexes and ages in the world have only Coca Cola. Packaging and printing enterprises are the same. If an enterprise establishes a good public brand image, many businesses will follow, and its competitive advantage will be stronger. For example, Yachang company, which has a good reputation in the industry, won in the competition of "Beijing 2008 Olympic Games bid report" in 2001 by virtue of its huge brand advantage. It is hoped that the majority of packaging and printing manufacturers can establish brand awareness, strive to produce high-quality products with an attitude of excellence, establish a good brand image and achieve long-term development

at present, the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, but in addition to radio and television, network media, print media is still the most influential media at present and for a long time to come. Ancient and modern printing is still a sunrise industry in the 21st century, and there is a bright future in this industry. According to official statistics, the total output value of the global printing industry in 2002 was about US $500billion, which is a huge market with unlimited business opportunities. However, when purchasing printing equipment, we must be cautious, pragmatic and do what we can. The most expensive is not necessarily the best. We should choose what suits us best according to our actual situation, and what suits us is the best. Choosing the time of purchase and putting into production in the peak season of market demand are also important to realize the expected income. There is also a subtle relationship between high-quality production printing and budget planning. Only by comprehensively weighing and evaluating all factors can we choose a satisfactory gravure press. We hope that the vast number of packaging and printing manufacturers can make steady progress from the purchase of printing equipment to achieve the expected profits

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