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Research on automatic control of drip irrigation system (2)

on the whole, the drip irrigation system of XX white orchard is a relatively perfect drip irrigation system. Its design and construction meet the requirements of modern drip irrigation. It is an advanced modern drip irrigation system, and has produced good economic results. However, considering the limitations of economic conditions at that time, its capillary was arranged in a single row and straight line, and the irrigation uniformity was not high. In view of the comparative analysis of various capillary layout forms, the author believed that the orchard should be improved to double row capillary parallel layout; Moreover, the degree of automation of its control system is not high. The whole park can only use computers to control the opening of solenoid valves, which can not accurately realize the rotation irrigation of crops, and can not effectively control the irrigation time and amount, so it is necessary to further design and improve its control system. The second phase project under construction should absorb the good experience of the first phase project and improve the shortcomings of the first phase project, especially the full-automatic control of irrigation should be realized

3 irrigation automatic control system

the drip irrigation system in irrigation can easily realize automatic control. The automatic control of irrigation can effectively realize water-saving irrigation, which is also the requirement of agricultural modernization. The automatic control of micro irrigation can be generally divided into manual control, semi-automatic control and full-automatic control according to the different operation modes of the control system:

① manual control system

all operations of the system are completed manually, such as the opening and closing of pumps and valves, the length of irrigation time, when to irrigate, etc. This kind of system has the advantages of low cost, low technical content in the control part, easy to use and maintain, and is very suitable for promotion in the vast rural areas of our country. The disadvantage is the poor convenience of use, which is not suitable for controlling large-area irrigation

② full automatic control system

the system does not need people to participate directly. Through the pre prepared control program and some parameters that reflect the water demand of crops according to the huge market demand, the water pump can be turned on and off automatically for a long time and irrigation can be carried out automatically according to a certain rotation irrigation sequence. The role of human is only to adjust the control program and overhaul the control equipment. In this system, in addition to emitters, pipes, pipe fittings, pumps and motors, it also includes central controllers, automatic valves, sensors (soil moisture sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, water level sensors, rainfall sensors, etc.) and wires

③ semi automatic control system

there is no sensor installed in the irrigation area in the system, and the irrigation time, irrigation volume and irrigation cycle are controlled according to the pre prepared program, rather than the feedback information of crop and soil moisture and meteorological data. The degree of automation of this kind of system varies. Some parts are under automatic control, and some parts are under automatic control

in order to have a specific understanding and understanding of the advanced drip irrigation automatic control system, we will introduce the automatic control of drip irrigation in detail below:

3.1 drip irrigation head control hub

the basic control methods of drip irrigation automatic system include: time control, water volume control and feedback control. The time control system discharges water or turns off water at a predetermined time; The water volume control system discharges or closes water according to the designed water distribution volume; The feedback control system is based on the response of the humidity sensor in the irrigation area, and then transmits the signal to the head control hub to turn off or discharge water. Drip irrigation system is more convenient to fully realize automation, which is particularly important in remote areas with many people and tight labor, protective forest areas in desert areas, along railway subgrades, and suburban vegetable planting areas with strong economic strength. At present, foreign developed countries generally use computer management systems in drip irrigation areas, and use special drip irrigation system software to control and detect crop growth, soil conditions and meteorological trends, and achieved good results. It greatly improves the possibility and practicability of modern soil moisture and crop growth measurement technology, and has agronomic comprehensiveness, which provides great potential for people to make full use of modern instruments and equipment in drip irrigation system. The drip irrigation system software makes a reasonable irrigation plan and crop management plan according to the crop water demand and soil moisture

3.2 formulation of crop production management plan

the control software system should provide a set of scientific management system, which improves the utilization efficiency of water composite materials composed of graphene sandwiched between ceramic layers by improving crop yield and quality and reducing water consumption, and can provide farmers and relevant users with an advanced and perfect management system for formulating crop production management for irrigation schemes, Users can use a general PVC plastic layer to take quenching. It can obtain the soil moisture status map of each farmland. Convenient data access can obtain the accurate soil moisture content of each farmland, and can also determine the accurate daily water utilization. It can make reasonable irrigation management decisions for each farmland, and can prioritize irrigation of different farmland according to the respective irrigation demand of each farmland, In order to develop an optimized irrigation plan so that the farm or user can obtain the maximum overall yield

the control software system should allow irrigation managers to formulate reasonable irrigation plans according to crop water demand and crop response to irrigation. As a complete irrigation plan and crop production management software package, it can store, calculate, process, display and output data for irrigation decision-making and crop management. Soil moisture data are mainly obtained by neutron detector, gypsum resistance block and tensiometer. The weather data is obtained by the automatic weather station. The crop growth data such as grain size (diameter), plant height and leaf nitrate content can be directly measured in the field. According to the corresponding crop response, the crop growth data can be combined with the soil moisture data to formulate a reasonable irrigation plan. Through the actual investigation, the management technology that can improve the crop yield, quality and water use efficiency can verify the crop growth The relationship between soil moisture and climate, therefore, makes China take a step further in the research of medical high molecular nanocomposites, which can well solve some irrigation management and crop growth problems, including irrigation water seepage caused by excessive irrigation, fertilizer leaching loss below the root, and the control and management of grain weight and grain number per ear or fruit yield in order to achieve the goal of high and stable yield

3.3 formulation of drip irrigation system irrigation plan

drip irrigation system irrigation plan generally refers to determining when to carry out irrigation and the amount of irrigation that should be carried out. The application of irrigation plan can eliminate the huge cost

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