The improvement of the hottest demand continues to

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The improvement of demand continues to support the rise of oil transportation

whether the top note valve or speed regulating valve had been conditioned last Thursday. BDTI and bcti closed at 79 respectively. The traditional power line zigzag testing machine mainly adopts crank rocker mechanism or crank connecting rod rack mechanism to realize the zigzag shaking of the fixture at 8 points and 619 points. Compared with the previous Thursday, BDTI increased by 9.32% and bcti increased by 5.45%. Since November, the Baltic oil transportation index has increased to a large extent, including the crude oil transportation index increased by 35.71% and the refined oil transportation price increased by 41.00%. The report issued by Xiangcai Securities pointed out that the rise of oil transportation has a great effect on improving the development of China shipping and the performance of merchant ships

from the freight rate of typical routes, the Middle East Japan VLCC freight rate was ws0 last Thursday, up 4.35% from the previous Thursday, and the corresponding time charter level was 41600 US dollars/day. The Singapore Japan 30000 ton Mr freight rate was ws145, up 16.00%. The cumulative increase in the two weeks was 51.04%, and the current time charter level was 9000 US dollars/day. Affected by the bad weather in northern Europe, the passage and berthing of ships were blocked, and the shipping schedule was delayed. The freight of Mr ship on the transatlantic route increased rapidly to the highest level in three months. On December 11, the average freight rate of Mr routes was $10525/day, the highest since April; The average freight rate of Mr routes is 23000 US dollars/day, and it is expected that there is still much room for growth in freight rates in the future

in terms of crude oil demand, according to the forecast data released by OPEC on the day of dirty gear rods, it is expected that the crude oil demand will reach 85.13 million barrels per day in 2010, 820000 barrels more than the daily average in 2009, with an increase of 0.98%. The recent recovery of oil transportation prices is related to the improving demand. According to historical data, the growth rate of oil transportation demand is generally two percentage points higher than that of crude oil consumption. Therefore, Tianxiang has made the product lack of financial support in the research and development process. Investment Consultants predict that the growth rate of oil transportation demand in 2010 will be 3.5%

analysts pointed out that the current TCE level has significantly improved. The cost point of domestic oil transportation enterprises is generally $30000/day, but now the TCE level has exceeded $40000/day. We believe that the recent rise in freight rates will improve the performance of China Shipping Development and China Merchants shipping, which both account for more than 50% of oil transportation revenue

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