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Kfv, the largest door lock hardware manufacturer in Europe with a history of 150 years, landed at Guangzhou Construction Expo

on July 8, 2018, the 20th China (Guangzhou) Architectural Decoration Expo was grandly held in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall and poly World Trade Expo Hall. Kfv Germany, a top European door lock hardware manufacturer with a history of 150 years, made its debut in Guangzhou. The participation of kfv Germany will bring pure German made style to the Guangzhou Construction Expo

as the world's top door lock manufacturer, kfv in Germany belongs to the largest hardware production group in Germany, siglia group. At the Expo, kfv Germany brought three key products: kfv2600 electric motor multipoint 4. Although the precision of the equipment looks complex, kfv mechanical driven multipoint lock series, 3600 semi-automatic multipoint lock and related high-end components. Based on the production experience of top-level locks in Europe, kfv's three products in this exhibition have many highlights, such as lock body: Ultra high-end zinc flywheel transmission mechanism, combined ring refined steel door bolt; Lock cylinder: super-c safety lock cylinder, innovative magnetic levitation unlocking mechanism, etc. Such precise German industrie 4.0 manufacturing technology is perfectly displayed on the small lock body; In terms of intelligence: ekey fingerprint collection system, fingerprint handle series, etc; The cipher configured with 128 super high bit code can also be integrated on the door lock system, providing users with the option of intelligent unlocking. In addition, kfv is made in Germany with high standards, millions of practical wear tests, and the rigorous 3. Machine size standard certification of European SKG has laid a heavy mark of made in Germany. As the best model of Germany made in China 2050, kfv represents the top production technology in the German lock industry

at the exhibition, Germany's siglia group granted kfv the exclusive Chinese marketing solution to the general agent of China's region, RUIMI security technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: regularly protect and sell the zigzag experimental machine. RUIMI security technology, as a German kfv, will make a few explanations in the following: complete the corresponding experimental country with a suitable fixture, and open up the territory for kfv's rooting and development in China. Mr. Song Fei, general manager of Germany seglia group in China, said: in the past year's cooperation between RUIMI security technology and kfv, Germany kfv has achieved many achievements in China's market promotion and brand building. We believe that based on the principle of mutual benefit and mutual trust, kfv will definitely achieve faster development in China's high-end real estate and door and window fields

on the day of the exhibition, German kfv signed a memorandum of cooperation with domestic high-end German aluminum door brand fantis, high-end copper door brand ruimao, commercial door leading brand Zhucheng, high-end armored door brand lakebed, and high-end aluminum door brand Mondino. We will jointly promote the rapid development of kfv in China's high-end door lock hardware market and bring unimaginable pure German made products to Chinese consumers. Before that, kfv has signed strategic cooperation with domestic mainstream door enterprises such as JINDA door and yuelongmen, and the first high-end real estate project of German kfv in China, Vanke Haiyou mansion project, has also been officially supplied

it is reported that the current domestic real estate and high-end door and window market has an increasing demand for high-end door lock hardware from around the world. The entry of international top door lock hardware brands into the Chinese market will add higher product endorsements to the domestic high-end door and window market. Door lock hardware will become a stepping stone for high-end door and window enterprises to win engineering projects. We believe that German kfv will make great progress in the Chinese market in the future

brief introduction of seglia group and kfv in Germany

seglia group:

founded in 1914 in Siegen, Germany, seglia group has 6000 employees in Germany, with an annual turnover of more than 6billion yuan. It is one of the largest window and door hardware manufacturers in Germany and Europe. Its products cover aluminum, plastic, wood aluminum composite and other materials, as well as various window and door types such as internal and external sliding. Especially in the field of aluminum alloy hardware, the products of siglia group occupy the first place in the German market

in 1999, it merged with Aubi, a well-known hardware manufacturing company in Germany. Since January 1st, 2003, the two companies have been officially merged into the silkia group. On July 31st, 2006, seglia Group acquired kfv company, the largest manufacturer of door lock hardware in Europe

Kfv brand:

founded in 1868, it has a history of 150 years. It has four production plants in Germany and is the largest lock company in Germany. It was acquired by siglia company in 2006

Kfv products cover the whole field of modern lock bodies. The main products are embedded lock bodies and multi-point locks. In addition, escape door locks, fireproof door locks, glass door locks, electronic door locks, etc. are all best-selling products. Kfv processing plants, agents and end customers all regard kfv as a synonym for quality and innovation

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