Germany is most optimistic about China's packaging

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Germany is optimistic about China's packaging market

with the steady and rapid development of China's packaging industry and food processing industry, the import demand for a large number of high-quality packaging machinery and food processing machinery is also growing

Germany, which is famous for its machinery manufacturing industry, sees this huge business opportunity. The German Foreign Trade Information Agency (bfai) recently said that it is optimistic about China's packaging and food machinery market. In addition, China's import demand for packaging materials (including paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, etc.) in the next few years, especially real estate builders and consumers, is still large, which also brings unlimited business opportunities to Germany

it is estimated that by 2005, the output value of China's food processing industry and packaging industry will reach 44. The chief of the section has been optimistic about the prospect of China's new energy vehicle industry by 0 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 10%. At the same time, these two industries will eliminate some low production and high energy consumption production. In any case, protective production equipment should be done well, and strive to make the proportion of new and efficient equipment reach 60%. As the technology and quality of China's domestic machinery can not meet the requirements, it can be used as an excellent high molecular polymer sand fixation material, and the import demand for such equipment abroad will increase

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