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Germany has opened special classes for refugee children and hired 8500 new teachers

[global comprehensive report] according to Agence France Presse on December 27, a recent survey showed that in 2011, a five-year German school hosted about 196000 refugee children fleeing war and poverty. In order to help these refugee children catch up with their peers, Germany will open 8264 "special classes" and employ about 8500 new and old concrete pressure testing machines. New technicians should be well developed

bruscheld Kurt, chairman of the joint conference of German state ministers of culture and education, said in an interview: "schools and education management departments have never encountered such a challenge. We must accept the fact that this abnormal situation will continue for a long time."

Heinz Peter meidinge, President of the German language teachers' Association, said that in fact, Germany needs 20000 new teachers to meet the needs of new refugee children. "We can feel this gap by next summer at the latest"

according to the German education department, UV absorbers received 325000 school-age children in EU countries in 2015. Facing the biggest immigration crisis in Europe since World War II, Germany will receive more than 1million asylum seekers this year, more than five times that of 2014. This makes Germany feel pressure when providing services to asylum seekers

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