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The "Founding Conference of China robot industry alliance" will be held in Beijing

April 21, 2013 is a milestone day for the development of China's robot industry. Under the guidance of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of science and technology, and with the strong promotion of the Federation that users of China's machinery industry must comply with the corresponding standard requirements when setting up, and with the active participation of mainstream robot enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, and research institutes at home and abroad, China robot industry alliance, led by China Machinery Industry Federation, will hold the inaugural meeting of China robot industry alliance in Beijing on April 21

at that time, a total of more than 150 people, including relevant government leaders, chairman of the China Federation of aircraft industry and senior representatives of enterprises, will gather together to witness the arrival of this moment. At the meeting, the list of sponsors and members of the first league will be released, the work arrangement of the League will be announced, and the awarding ceremony of representatives of the League will be held. The central media including CCTV, people's daily, economic daily and many other professional media, including electromechanical business daily, China industry daily, China United Business Daily, China Electromechanical industry, machine economics, Huicong, will cover the whole process

China robot industry alliance is a national collaborative work platform for the industry of production, learning, research and application of China's robot industry. Its work includes: implementing the relevant industrial policies and requirements put forward by government departments for the robot industry; Collect and collect basic industrial data whose accuracy cannot meet the current standard requirements, study the current situation, development trend, difficulties and problems of China's robot industry, reflect the wishes and demands of alliance members, put forward policy suggestions, and provide decision support for government departments to formulate industrial policies; Promote the cooperation and exchange among alliance members in technology, market, intellectual property and other fields, and establish and improve China's robot industry chain; Taking the China International Robot Exhibition (CIROS) as the effective platform, we will fully promote the in-depth cooperation between China's robot industry and user industry, and accelerate the popularization and application of robot technology and products in various industries

since 2009, China's robot market has grown rapidly, and the industry as a whole has shown a thriving trend. At the same time, the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions attach great importance to the development of the robot industry and have issued a series of planning policies to promote the development of the robot industry, creating an unprecedented good environment for the development of the robot industry to show opportunities to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. China's robot industry is facing a strategic development opportunity. At this historical moment, the China robot industry alliance came into being, shouldering the mission of promoting the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of the industry. In the next step, the China robot industry alliance will work closely around the key and difficult issues in the development of China's robot industry, adhere to telling the truth, doing practical things, focusing on practical results, focus on the center, gather strength, and contribute wisdom and strength to the take-off of China's robot industry and the transformation and upgrading of the national economy

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