Germany continues to guide the cosmetics packaging

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Germany continues to guide the cosmetics packaging supply market. The latest research report shows that Germany is a major supplier of packaging materials and packaging machinery in the world. Due to the huge demand, especially the shortage of plastic packaging, the supply of packaging products in Germany will reach a new high. This new research report was completed on the eve of the Nuremberg exhibition in Germany, highlighting the importance of German suppliers to the cosmetics industry, This is especially significant for organizations seeking more automated procedures for their companies. The report also said that about 2% of German manufacturing production value mainly comes from the field of consumer goods packaging

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normal> the research conducted by the research shows that it is estimated that the production value of the global supply of packaging materials and machinery reaches 400billion euros, and about one third of the packaging machinery sold worldwide comes from Germany. The production value of German packaging machinery is about 4.2 billion euros, ranking first in the world, followed by the United States, Japan and Italy. The survey found that "one of the biggest competitive advantages of German packaging machinery manufacturers lies in their high degree of automation, especially the demand of well-known brand machinery manufacturers required by western countries has boosted their market advantage."

Ellen rascher, the author of the report, said that for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers, the trend of requiring a high degree of automation is more prominent, because they need flexible filling and packaging machinery to meet the requirements of small packaging. The guidelines for the use of automated machinery in the packaging industry are formulated and managed by the international standards committee open modular architecture controls (OMAC). She said that OMAC packaging guidelines has greatly improved the efficiency of the packaging industry. She also said, "this trend is also reflected in the modularization of the design of various machines, so that they can test and assemble universal testing machines as required." The German federal agency for engineering, Verband Deutscher maschinen- und anlagenbauer (VDMA), recently reported all full order books for packaging machinery

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normal>vdma general manager Richard Clemens also analyzed, German investment barriers in this area are also slowly decreasing. He also said that the data showed that this field increased slightly to 4.2 billion euros in 2005 and is expected to increase to 45% in 2006

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