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The deep application of smart transportation in smart cities

smart cities in the 21st century can make full use of information and communication technologies to sense, analyze and integrate the key information of the core system of urban operation, so as to make intelligent responses to various needs, including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, industrial and commercial activities, and create a better urban life for mankind

smart transportation is an important part of smart city. Only German enterprises in the smart world can realize the construction of transportation, which will promote the development of smart city, and the development of smart city will also react on the quality of smart city

I. application status of smart transportation in smart city construction

hundreds of regions in China have proposed to build smart cities, represented by major cities such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Wuhan and Chengdu, focusing on smart transportation, e-government and other industries

1. Application status

the application of smart transportation is an important tool for building a smart city to solve traffic problems, an important source for deploying a rich front-end for data collection, and an important defense line for building a video monitoring platform and realizing platform joint deployment and control

an important tool to solve traffic problems

traffic safety, traffic congestion and environmental pollution are the three major problems perplexing the international traffic field, especially the traffic safety problem. After adopting intelligent transportation technology to improve the level of road management, the death toll of traffic accidents alone can be reduced by more than 30% every year, and the use efficiency of vehicles can be improved by more than 50%

an important source of data collection

smart city plays a decisive role in ensuring people's life safety, but the construction of smart city is a long-term and arduous project, in which big data collection is an indispensable link. With the continuous expansion of the scale of video surveillance, smart cities across the country have encountered various obstacles in the application and development process in recent years, and the urgent problem to be solved is how to ensure that the collected images are clear and usable

the important defense line of platform joint deployment and control

the smart city should realize the docking with the command and dispatching application platform, and directly connect with the image resource database constructed by the District Department, upload all kinds of vehicle image information and personnel image information involved to the image resource database, and establish relevant tags, so as to complete the collection, comparison and management of vehicle monitoring, deployment and control information, and the exchange of deployment and alarm information in the whole autonomous region Functions such as the analysis of fake vehicles within the whole autonomous region and the trajectory analysis of suspected vehicles within the whole autonomous region

2. Application difficulties

the number of smart city image monitoring points, subsystems and users is huge. Facing the unprecedented big data in the monitoring industry, how to effectively manage these data resources and solve the compatibility, image call and other problems caused by the differences between products and systems have become the bottleneck of the current smart city construction

II. In-depth application of smart transportation in smart city construction

Keda strives to maximize the image value in terms of type of point distribution and front-end acquisition in participating in the construction of safe cities in Guangxi. In the process of front-end control, in addition to the application of high-definition cameras of different shapes, some specific places also have strong demand for characteristic front-end devices such as intelligent tracking, bayonet, vehicle capture, etc

1. Deploy front-end devices with diverse forms and functions from the perspective of demand

according to different deployment scenarios and application functions, a large number of different types of HD IP cameras are required in the construction of Ping'an city. Each type of front-end has its own advantages in image acquisition. For example, ordinary high-definition guns can meet the best cost performance requirements of most monitoring scenes, so they are widely deployed in urban roads, public squares and other places. The infrared camera can ensure the image effect at night in places without external light. HD high-speed ball has an irreplaceable position in the application of HD IP camera with its characteristics of fast operation speed, accurate positioning, flexible monitoring mode and wide monitoring range

taking the construction of Nanning Ping'an city as an example, the project requires full HD and full network image real-time acquisition and transmission through the video monitoring system. More than 2000 HD monitoring points constructed in the first phase of the project cover various places such as case prone areas, commercial and financial concentrated areas, densely populated areas, urban import and export, regional import and export, and the gates of key units. For various complex scenes, Kodak has provided various types of high-definition IP cameras for the project, such as high-definition gun camera, high-definition anti riot hemispherical camera, high-definition high-speed ball camera, high-definition infrared pan tilt camera, etc. These HD IP cameras have a resolution of 720p and are characterized by high performance and high sensitivity. At the beginning of 2013, Nanning Ping An City expanded its capacity again. On the basis of phase I, Nanning Ping An City Phase II mainly strengthened the coverage of key monitoring areas in the main urban area of Nanning, reintroduced Kodak 1080p high-definition video and panoramic camera technology, and added 3000 high-definition video monitoring points, including 100 720p high-definition pan tilt integrated laser cameras and 1800 1080p high-definition spherical cameras, 1100 route 1080p high-definition gun camera, and at the same time, according to the requirements of the public security, panoramic camera technology is used to cover key areas with a large space range in the main urban area

2. Integration and interworking of industry solutions

in the process of building a safe city in the whole region of Guangxi, Keda, as a leading video and security manufacturer, has not only provided it with a series of front-end, platform, storage and other equipment, but also provided a series of security and video application solutions such as standard definition/high-definition video conference, visual command and scheduling, and supervision in order to deepen its application

high definition video conference

Guangxi Public Security Bureau has been planning and deploying the video conference system since 2003. Up to now, it has been extended to Wuzhou, Yulin, Beihai, Guigang, Nanning, Liuzhou, Chongzuo and other municipal public security bureaus, district and county public security bureaus and some grass-roots departments and teams in the region. The system has strong compatibility, which makes the upgraded high-definition system fully compatible with the three-level standard definition system, It ensures the healthy and stable development of Guangxi public safety video conference system in the future. In addition to making the daily monitoring of meetings and remote law enforcement training work more efficient, it can also expand command and scheduling, remote consultation, evidence proof, multi-party joint review and other applications

visual command and dispatching

Kodak has built the largest public security HD video command and dispatching system in Guangxi, covering the District Public Security Department, 200 branches and nearly 1000 police stations. The visual command and dispatching system has the advantages of intuitionistic, fast and comprehensive information, which can not only realize two-way communication, but also carry out multi-party discussion; It can not only transmit the on-site situation to the command center, but also quickly transmit the dispatching instructions of the superior command center to the subordinate public security organ and the disposal site. Therefore, when Guangxi Public Security Bureau is dealing with emergencies, major social security events, group events, accidents and disasters, the leaders of command centers at all levels can use this system to understand the situation on the scene in real time, grasp the development trend of the situation, and immediately call relevant departments and experts to remote venues to make decisions in time and conduct orderly command and scheduling, so as to greatly improve the rapid response ability of public security organs, Ensure the timely and effective disposal of major events

As a new networking video surveillance system, Nanning and Beihai public security departments in Guangxi took the lead in applying it to realize a series of functions, such as on-site interrogation surveillance, text communication, SMS reminder, filling in supervision records, filing, retrieval and statistical analysis, and are in a leading position in the public security system of Guangxi. There are thousands of supervision units and supervision images in Guangxi. Inspectors can view the case information and interrogation status through the supervision system, and can selectively conduct on-site supervision according to the prompt level of reported case information, so as to conduct real-time supervision and monitoring of the process of law enforcement and case handling. In the process of on-site supervision, inspectors can conduct voice intercom, text communication, screenshots, filling in supervision records, filing and other operations, so as to enrich and comprehensively supervise the business. Superior supervision departments can regularly export law enforcement reports from the system to assess the situation of law enforcement supervision

wireless monitoring

in the field of wireless monitoring, vehicle mounted, single soldier and other wireless monitoring are widely used in many places in Guangxi. At the beginning of November, 2010, Guangxi Public Security Bureau adopted the Kodak scheme. The system built a platform in the public security department based on Unicom 3G and installed Kodak app software on it. The policemen of municipal bureaus, sub bureaus and police stations can browse videos in real time, replay videos on demand, PTZ control of cameras, picture capture, voice intercom, SMS alarm and other applications, which are convenient and practical. In 2012, Baise adopted Kodak wireless 3G vehicle mounted and individual soldier systems. Among them, the wireless vehicle mounted GPS module can upload mobile video information and geographic information in real time, so as to realize the integration of monitoring video and GIS applications; The equipment used by wireless individual soldiers is small and portable, which can upload video and audio information and alarm information anytime and anywhere, and can carry out voice intercom. These two systems are connected to the wireless 3G monitoring system platform of Guangxi Public Security Bureau through the public security VPN wireless 3G dedicated line

image investigation and judgment

in 2013, Kodak built an image investigation and judgment system for Liuzhou. This system provides a complete set of tools for image investigation and judgment, including summary processing, video editing, video feature extraction, image clarity and other intelligent tools. At the same time, it combines various scenes analyzed by the police, and makes full use of bayonet data to provide a powerful library of war methods, including 13 vehicle war methods and 8 video war methods, Through the image detection system, Liuzhou police can quickly locate the key points in the massive copyright information, so as to effectively reduce the time of manually viewing the video, reduce human investment, reduce the detection time, and complete the rapid research, judgment and comparative analysis of the case under different circumstances

video monitoring operation and maintenance management

the massive deployment of video monitoring points not only improves the city's technical defense force, but also brings great challenges to the operation and maintenance of the system. Scientific operation and maintenance means are indispensable in the large-scale project of Ping'an city construction. In 2014, in the fourth phase of Liuzhou Ping'an city construction, Keda built a set of operation and maintenance management system for it, which includes intelligent video diagnosis, in device management, storage management, fault tracking and report generation and other subsystems. Among them, the intelligent video diagnosis subsystem has the ability to complete a patrol inspection of 2000 D1 videos and 4000 720P HD videos in one day; The equipment pipe system can manage all kinds of network monitoring equipment in safe city; The storage management subsystem can manage all kinds of storage devices and hard disks in Ping'an City, and can timely detect the failure of storage hardware and the loss of video data; The fault tracking and report generation subsystem can track and control the fault handling reported by the intelligent video diagnosis subsystem, the equipment management system and the storage management subsystem, and can generate statistical reports according to time and events, finally forming a fault tracking closed-loop management and a fault management supervision and evaluation mechanism

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